9 Lessons Learned from Traveling Central America

wanderlust, travel

  • Take your time – don’t stick to a set schedule.

IF you are loving a place, then stay. If you hate it, leave. If you find travelers you instantly click with, continue traveling with them. Do whatever the F you want, that’s the best part of traveling. Cherish the moment – whatever you are doing – if you’re happy in that moment, be IN THAT moment. Things come and go quickly. Nothing is ever… EVER guaranteed.

  • People will give you free shit all the time. All. the. time. Most notably weed.

If I wanted to I could probably smoke up every night for free (too bad I don’t really smoke). All you have to do is walk outside to the backyard common area of a hostel and you will surely find people smoking out of homemade contraptions I had never seen before.

When people leave they realize their pack is too heavy or they don’t really need certain items anymore and will just leave it: booze, calling cards, food, etc.

  • Don’t buy into that BS about traveling the world for free.

Traveling is expensive – It’s nearly impossible to travel for free. There are definitely those people that live really cheaply but you REALLY have to work at it. I’m talking about camping every night, only buying street food, etc.  You can travel inexpensively if you are on a very strict budget and don’t want to have any fun, yay!

  • Long term travel is not always margaritas and sunsets and hammock life.

It can get exhausting and sometimes boring, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really get homesick very often.


  • People are beautiful. You will see them at their worst.

Backpackers are dirty birds. Messed up feet, gross hair, no makeup, clothes that are falling apart. There’s something about people who look like shit but don’t give a shit about it. They just don’t care, and then that makes you not care and then you don’t even really notice it. 

  • Not all those who wander are lost…. not ALL, but there are definitely a few lost souls that just look like they have no idea what they’re doing or what’s going on. They think they will “find themselves” traveling, without ever stepping too far outside of their own comfort zone. It’s a beautiful thought, but not a realistic one.  I guess people do that all the time… get office jobs they hate because that’s what they feel they should be doing, going to college after high school because that’s the next logical step without thinking of any other possible alternatives.


  • Drinking tap water is a luxury. Drinking good quality water is a super luxury… along with consistent hot showers and being able to flush toilet paper in the toilet.


  • Zee Germans are everywhere. Female solo travelers are everywhere. Gringos travelers are weird, man.


  • We’re all from America!

If you are a gringo aka from the US, take note. when someone asks you where you are from, do NOT say “America”. I’ve finally trained myself to respond properly with “I’m from the States”. All people from North/ Central/ and South America are … Americans.



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