Sometimes you just have to write a letter to yourself. A hand written letter to remind yourself of why you are doing what you’re doing, of why you chose to make the choices you’ve made, and not to lose sight of your goals and aspirations.

**Sometimes I run

Sometimes I hide

Sometimes I’m scared of youuuuu**


Okay sorry, I obviously had to quote Britney.

Sometimes you have to kick yourself in the ass and remind yourself of all your past failures. Not to put yourself down, but to motivate yourself to not make the same mistakes you always make. For me personally starting things with incredible enthusiasm and never finishing them is one of my greatest flaws as I’m sure my close friends have witnessed many times.

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that being afraid is the best thing you could be. It means you really want something and you are terrified to fail at it. It means you have the opportunity to conquer and succeed at whatever it is that’s stopping you from achieving success. I put up a good show at times, but when things scare me they really fucking terrify me. Speaking a foreign language and messing up, whether it be grammar or vocab, is so horrifically embarrassing. I don’t know why I feel such shame/embarrassment, I guess I think I should know a lot more than I do. I get in my own head and mess everything up. Good times, good times.

Sometimes you have to remind yourself of all the things you’ve already accomplished…. from finishing school, to traveling across the world, asking for the raise you deserve and getting it… whatever it is that you are proud of, note those things out loud to yourself right now. You have to know you’ve done some great things already, and that there are SO MANY more you have yet to experience. You have to remember that along the way you’ve helped people, laughed with people (really laughed…like tears down your face, gut wrenching laughter), you’ve encouraged people, and you’ve made them feel good about themselves. You will continue to do those things because that’s the kind of person you have always been and will always be. Of course you are no Mother Teresa and you are definitely an ass and selfish at times, but you are a genuinely good person. We’re all allowed our shitty moments/days.

Sometimes you have to rant about how you are afraid of life and need to remind yourself of how lucky you are to be in the position you are in, and then feel the need to post it on your travel blog that 8 people might read.

Pura Vida


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