My First Costa Rican Weekend Experience

A little background:

It’s Friday 9/6, today is the day Costa Rica plays against the US in futbol. From what I understand, the last time these two teams played against each other was about 8 years ago in the US, and Costa Rica lost. This is some kind of qualifier game for the World Cup so their was a lot of excitement going into the game. Soccer is obviously a much bigger deal here than in the States.

CR ends up winning 3-1 and people go nuts celebrating in the streets. I left my hostel around 10 pm and head to the roundabout about 5 minutes away to see all the commotion in person. People are screaming/cheering/chanting, non stop honking, getting out of their cars to dance, taking their shirts off and whipping it around like a helicopter, Petey Pablo style.


The group I had left the hostel with consisted of: myself, Mr. A an 80 yr old man, an intimidating Siberian dude who I call Esteban, and a girl who’s real given first name is Love. We are an interesting looking gang of gringos.

After peeping the street celebrations we continue walking to a nearby-ish hostel in Los Yoses to hang with some of Siberia’s friends. We played some pool, had some beers, maybe some people smoked some things, yada yada. Mr A left sometime while we were just hanging in the lounge, understandably. I’m shocked he even came out. Traveling at 80 alone, now that takes some f*ckin balls. He’s an interesting old man that guy.

This hostel has a bar attached to it, so we went over and had some more beers and danced. Within our group was a kid who we’ll call Paco, who actually went to school in Amherst! He went to Amherst College around the same time I was at Umass, what a small world eh?

tico burgesas

Anyway, it’s now around 2 am, we go to Barrio California… a neighborhood known for it’s bars such as Craic Irish Pub, La Concha, and El Cuartel. When we get there they aren’t letting anyone in so we hop a cab and head back to their hostel. We sit and drink and sing and people are playing the guitar until around 4:30 am. We finally leave their hostel and grab some late night food at Tico Burguesas.

I’m sure there’s a few other things I’ve left out, both on purpose and by accident, but that pretty much sums up my first Friday night in San Jose!


Pura Vida


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